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  1. Lonely Stranger General information Composer(s): Laurie Johnson Introduced: "Frankendoodle" List of associated production music "Lonely Stranger" was composed by Laurie Johnson. It was originally composed for an episode of the British television series The Avengers entitled "The Joker." Usage 34b. "Frankendoodle" - "He was just a two-dimensional creature lost in our Composer(s): Laurie Johnson.
  2. Lyrics to 'Lonely Stranger' by Eric Clapton. I must be invisible No one knows me I have crawled down dead-end streets On my hands and knees.
  3. Cause I'm a lonely stranger here, Well beyond my day. And I don't know what's goin on, So I'll be on my way. When I walk, stay behind; Don't get close to me, Cause it's sure to end in tears, So just let me be. Some will say that I'm no good; Maybe I agree. Take a look then walk away. That's all right with me. Chorus.
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  6. Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics: Just a small-town girl / Livin' in a lonely world / She took the midnight train goin' anywhere / Just a city boy / Born and raised in South Detroit / He took the.
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  8. Dec 14,  · Song: LONELY STRANGER Artist: Eric Clapton [Intro] E A/E Am/E E (bis) [Verse 1] E A/E C#m F# I must be invisible ; G#m F# B B/A No one knows me. E A/E C#m F# I have crawled down dead-end streets D A E A/E Am/E E E A / E Am / E E On my hands and knees. E A/E C#m F# I was born with a ragin' thirst, G#m F# B B/A A hunger to be free, E A/E C#m F#.

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