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  2. A common term for a scene where an actor's acting so damn hard that they're picking bits of scenery out of their teeth for days. Sometimes scenes can actually require this, but more often the actor and/or director just has the character go over the top. This can include Berserk Button, Freak Out, and other exaggerated emotions.
  3. Dec 31,  · D-Dub. 1 decade ago. If she is chewing holes in stuff then that means she might be swallowing all sorts of unhealthy things and it is better to use a bitter apple spray then to have her eat string or swallow a magent and have to have intestional surgery to save her life!!!! 0 0.
  4. She is a very active puppy, and giving her a Chew is one of the easiest ways to get her to relax and chill out! Comments Off on Chris, St. Joseph, MO • Continue Reading → Dub, Chew Mascot.
  5. Jul 04,  · Chew Bomber (Spike TV) Foreign names. Goma de matar (a pun on goma de mascar one of the words for bubble gum and matar the word for killing) - Brazilian dub; Trivia. Also called "Chew Bomber" on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website. This death was based on a Ukrainian student in named Vladimir Likhonov.
  6. Sep 11,  · Jay-V-Dub can a person get the same result by chewing on a stick of cinimen as oppose to tea-ing it up? It takes less time and energy to just chew on a cinimen .

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