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  1. Definition of awkward age.: the age of early adolescence usually characterized by awkwardness and shyness.
  2. The Awkward Age, novel by Henry James, published in Written mostly in dialogue with limited narrative explanation, The Awkward Age is the story of Nanda Brookenham, a young society woman whose attempts at marriage are foiled by various members of her mother’s social circle. Nanda’s manipulative mother, Fernanda, is the hostess of a fashionable London salon.
  3. awkward age The period between childhood and adulthood, which many find to be the most difficult to navigate emotionally. I always cringe when I look back at the stuff I wrote during my awkward age, so full of angst and self-importance. See also: age, awkward.
  4. Francesca Segal's The Awkward Age (Riverhead, digital galley) may borrow the name of a Henry James novel, but it's a thoroughly modern drama of a blended London family. Julia and James are blissfully in love despite the resistance of Julia's year-old daughter Gwen, who can't stand James nor his snarky year-old son Nathan/5.
  5. Apr 06,  · The Awkward Age first appeared as a serial in Harper’s Weekly in and then as a book later in It was written during the same period as What Maisie Knew () and The Turn of the Screw () in which the innocence of the young is threatened by the behaviour of the adults amongst whom they live.
  6. In The Awkward Age (), Henry James explores the English character, and the clash between old and new money with a light and subtly ironic touch to create a devastating critique of society and its machinations. more/5.
  7. The Awkward Age Homework Help Questions. Who is Tishy Grendon in Henry James's The Awkward Age? Tishy Grendon is one of Nanda's friends, a married woman whom .
  8. Sep 09,  · The Awkward Age. By Elif Batuma n. September 9, the critic Adam Kotsko dates our age of awkwardness—embodied by “the apparently ontological awkwardness of George W. .
  9. Stellar teen comedy has sex, language, and mature themes. Read Common Sense Media's Awkward. review, age rating, and parents guide.

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